Pembrokeshire College recently welcomed Army personnel for the official opening of an Army Careers Hub on the campus. 

This new hub, which will be manned monthly, will enable local people to access Army Careers personnel without having to travel to Swansea for interviews and briefings. The hub was opened by former Major General, Will Bramble, now the CEO of Pembrokeshire County Council. 

The Hub is closely linked to the College’s Army Preparation course which was launched in 2001 and rebranded in 2010 to Military Preparation. We are now the only College in Wales to run a Military Preparation course, with all others being operated by MPCT, an external training company. Since 2001 we have supported over 400 learners in achieving their career goal of joining the Armed Forces. 

Former learners have gained employment across almost all military career avenues including all Welsh Regiments, Parachute Regiment, Royal Army Physical Training Corps, RAF, Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Marines and even Special Air Service. During the earlier years of the course, our former learners served in Iraq and Afghanistan. In more recent years, former learners have been involved in deployments literally all around the world on training exercises and humanitarian support, including the Falklands, Mali, Kenya, Canada, Nepal, Estonia and Germany, to name but a few. 

Andrew Desborough, Protective Services Lecturer at Pembrokeshire College commented: “The creation of an Army Careers Hub at Pembrokeshire College epitomises the great working relationship that's been established over the years between the Army and the College. It is also carrying huge significance for young people in Pembrokeshire and neighbouring counties, as it means that Army applicants can have interviews and briefings in Pembrokeshire College, saving them time and expense with travel.” 

John Arundel, Recruitment Operations Manager added: “We are absolutely thrilled to be opening our new recruitment hub at Pembrokeshire College, giving students the opportunity to investigate if an Army career is right for them without having to leave the college. A career in the Army sets you up for life, giving you skills and experiences that you can use in your Army career and beyond. Alongside being paid to travel, play sport and undertake adventurous training, we offer over 200 roles in a wide range of areas as well as being the biggest provider of Apprenticeships in the UK. 

“There really is something for everyone in the Army and being on campus each month gives the students and local population the opportunity to visit us and have a chat about what a career in the Army could look like for them.” 

During the opening the Welsh Guards, 157 RLC Reserves, Royal Engineer (Reserves) and Infantry Engagement Team had displays in the Atrium and outside areas and encouraged learners to participate in a number of challenges such as bridge building, weightlifting and a timed removal of a wheel. Many students participated in these challenges and really enjoyed the experience. 

Former Military Preparation course learner Private Mitchell said: “The course I studied at the College really got me thinking about the various career opportunities that are available in the Army. I am now working for the Royal Logistics Corps, and it was the best decision I ever made. On the course you work so closely with military services it is fantastic because you have the chance to speak directly to them and take part in training exercises too. This Hub is such a great way for learners to learn about military careers.” 

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