Carmarthenshire County Council invites residents to have their say on its Modernising Education Strategy.

Since 2004, Carmarthenshire’s Modernising Education Programme (MEP) has been used by the County Council as a strategic investment and rationalisation plan to transform school provision across Carmarthenshire. The aim of the MEP Strategy is to transform the network of nursery, primary and secondary schools serving the county into an effective resource that meets current and future need for school and community focused education.

In 2010, the County Council resolved that the MEP be regularly reviewed. This has been a central feature of the MEP since its inception that it needs to retain flexibility at its core to ensure that the programme remains current and responsive to changes in the education policy framework and the needs of constantly developing society and communities. This is truer than ever in the current climate, post the pandemic.

Cabinet Member for Education and Welsh Language Cllr Glynog Davies said: “It is very important that we consult with residents and stakeholders to ensure that our MEP meets the needs of Carmarthenshire’s future generations.”

The Modernising Education Programme Strategy Consultation closes at 12 noon on Tuesday, 12 March.