Over 80 per cent of those eligible have claimed their free School Essentials grant to help with costs like school uniform, shoes, bags, sports kit and equipment. Have you claimed yours?

Children of families on lower incomes who receive certain benefits, those seeking asylum and children in care can claim £125 per year to help with school costs. £200 is available for eligible pupils starting secondary school and going into year 7. It could also mean extra funding for your school.

There’s still time to check eligibility and apply for this year’s funding now before applications close on May 31.

You can apply every year for each of your children in education aged 5-16. This includes special schools and pupil referral units.

The grant can be used to pay for classroom essentials like pens, pencils and bags; school uniform, including coats and shoes; school and after-school activities, like learning a musical instrument or doing sports.

Even if your child already receives a Free School Meal, you still need to check eligibility to access the School Essentials Grant and extra funding for your school. To find out more about the Schools Essentials Grant and to check eligibility, visit www.gov.wales/get-help-school-costs.