As an increasing number of Climate Emergencies are declared across Wales, Community Councils are taking the lead in installing renewable energy.

A number, including East Williamston Community Council have worked with Egni Coop to install solar panels.

Dan McCallum, Egni’s co-director, said: “We’ve worked with a number of brilliant community councillors who want to take a lead on climate change. Community Council often own community centres which are well used by local voluntary groups.

“They are important sites as solar panels there are very visible to many people within the area who use the facilities. Egni Coop wants to reduce electricity costs for those buildings and engage people in climate change action.

“We’ve been really impressed as well with the degree of care that Community Councils have taken.

“East Williamston Community Council had detailed discussions with us before we installed a 10kw system.

“We have another five Community Council sites which we finalising at the moment with legal agreements for the solar between Egni and the Council – we hope to announce and install those before Christmas.

“Whilst these sites may be relatively small, they mount up and are in the heart of their communities.

“It also helps clean up the grid as any electricity not used on site is exported onto the grid,” he added.