Minutes of a meeting of East Williamston Community Council held remotely on January 7:


The following planning application was considered:

a) 20/0668/PA: New access to highway and garage/storage space at Bush Lodge, Broadmoor, SA68 0RW - It was agreed that no comment be made on this application.

b) Notification had been received of a proposed development of 20 properties at Evening Star Farm, Hill Lane, Pentlepoir, Kilgetty, SA68 0QY and the following comments were made which are to be forwarded to the agent:

• The site has never been put forward as a Candidate Site.

• It is outside of the Village Plan.

• If a development is permitted on this side of the road, then further developments will follow to the end of Hill Lane which is not desirable.


The Clerk confirmed that an appointment had been made with a representative from Wickstead Play Equipment for the following Tuesday and a further appointment with the Kompan representative on January 19 to quote for repairs and/or new play equipment at East Williamston and Pentlepoir.

Correspondence had been received from the County Council regarding the contract costs for inspecting the play parks and public liability insurance which amounted to £615.00 per playpark. It was decided to obtain quotes from other play equipment companies who offered inspection and repair services as we already had adequate insurance cover. It was agreed that because of the damage to the multi-play unit at Pentlepoir that this park be locked until the equipment is either repaired or replaced.

It was resolved hat quotes be obtained for the inspection/repair of play equipment at the three parks.


The following correspondence had been received:

a) Various emails from PCC relating to Covid-19.

b) Welsh Govt – Keep Wales Safe Campaign – noted.

c) Correspondence regarding land next to Pentlepoir playpark – advised to contact PCC as landowners.

d) Birch Utility Services – request for vegetation management at Broadmoor – that permission not be granted due to the drainage system in place which could be damaged if vehicles drove into the park.

e) PCC – Virtual seminar on ensuring Pembs citizens are leading the post Covid recovery – noted.

f) Audit Wales Office – Three-year audit cycle information – noted.

g) KOMPAN – assistance with playground inspection regime – obtain quote.

h) Wales Air Ambulance Charity Emergency Appeal – donate £100.

i) DPP&CC – Policing priorities for 2021-22 – noted.


Clr, Jacob Williams welcomed the installation of the two EWCC-funded flashing speed warning signs, which had been put up at the top of Wooden Hill and on Hill Lane corner on entering Pentlepoir from the Kilgetty direction.

At this location Clr. Williams advised that the streetlight, which had been destroyed in a car incident some time ago, had finally been replaced by PCC with a brand-new LED unit. The post box, which was also destroyed in the same collision, had still not bee replaced, but Royal Mail say it will be in due course.


Clr. Wilkinson advised that where the drainage ditches had been cleared, water was running very fast into the park. The pipe had been blocked and water overflowed and washed away some of the paths at the Jubilee Park. He added that two 15ft lengths of pipe would be required to remedy this problem and asked if PCC had any spare section, since it was carrying water from part of land which was PCC’s responsibility. Clr. Williams offered to make enquiries.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 4, 2021 remotely at 7 pm.