Minutes of the meeting of East Williamston Community Council held remotely on December 3:


The following matters were raised: Minute 89/20b) - It had not been possible to arrange a meeting with the resident from Pentlepoir and it was agreed that the Clerk write to him explaining that considerable drainage work was carried out on the play park land before his property was built and that because his property is on a lower level there would be some water draining down. Explain that we are still happy to meet but that the land is owned by the County Council and this council are the leaseholders.

Minute 93/20 - Clr. McIntosh advised that the speed signs had been ordered and that he had met with an electrician who had agreed to carry out the work.

Minute 95/20 - Clr. Wilkinson advised that he had met with Dan Badham and he will provide a price for cutting back the trees affected by Ash die-back.


The following planning applications were considered:

20/0672/PA: Retrospective planning for timber decking and hot tub at Sunnyvale Holiday Park, Wooden - Members agreed to support this application.

20/0563/PA: Change of use and conversion of stables outbuilding to holiday let accommodation at Greenfields, Clayford Road, Kilgetty - Having declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this planning appliciation, by virtue of his friendship with the applicants, who were his nearest neighbours, Clr. Williams explained how his necessary recusal would leave the meeting inquorate. It was suggested that this item should be added to the agenda of the forthcoming special budget meeting, at which point it was hoped that sufficient councillors would be in attendance such that the chair’s recusal would not threaten the quorum.

20/0625/PA: Erection of dwelling (outline) at Penyfan, Pentlepoir - Members agreed to support this application.


The Clerk advised that she had contacted three play equipment providers to visit East Williamston play area and Pentlepoir with a view to quoting to replace the older and damaged items. Cllr Williams advised that it was unlikely that the repair would be made to the steps on the multiplay unit. The first site meeting was with two representatives from Dragon Play who were suppliers for Playdale play equipment on Monday 14th December at 12.30pm and the two other site meetings were scheduled for early January with Wickstead and Kompan.


Clr. Jacob Williams was aware of concerns raised over the placement of the stop lines at the entrance to the new mini-roundabout at the end of Templebar Road. Visibility to the right, looking towards Tenby, was poor from the position of the stop line, and greater visibility would be achieved if the line was moved closer to the roundabout.

Clr. Williams said that the county council’s highways department was aware of the concerns and that he was hopeful that, following an assessment of the new system, any teething problems like this could feasibly be rectified with some ease, as and where necessary.

To illustrate that such traffic schemes are susceptible to teething problems, Clr. Williams made reference to what had previously been the last new mini roundabout installed in the area, at the Narberth Road junction, Tenby, and how that had received minor alterations by the county council months after it first opened. When first installed, a rather severe ramp was placed at that mini roundabout’s exit in the Kilgetty direction. As traffic at this point was, by its nature, expected to be slow-moving, exiting the roundabout uphill, this ramp hindered flow and was subsequently completely removed – the only evidence of its existence today is the fresher tarmac where the ramp once was.


The following matters were raised:

Clr. I Wilkinson advised that he, Doug and other volunteers had spent some time recently tidying up the Common and it now looked very neat and presentable.

It was reported that a RTA had occurred recently at Broadmoor crossroads when a vehicle drove through a red light on the road from Kilgetty and hit another vehicle.

The next ordinary meeting will be held on Thursday, January 7 at 7 pm.