Despite debating that there would be no increase in the precept per household for residents of the East Williamston ward, members of the Community Council have now increased the precept by a £1 after finalising budget plans at their January meeting.

The clerk had circulated the budget heading report with draft figures for the 2022-23 budget at a standstill precept, however it was agreed to increase the precept by £1 to £32 per household which would bring in a precept of £29,889.60, plus other income of £6,000 making a total income of £35,889.60.

Expenditure was amended to include the purchase of a new laptop for use with remote meetings at the hall (£1,000) and an increase in S137 payments for any local organisations or groups who required financial help with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations to £500.00, making a total expenditure of £38,200.00.

This left a short fall of £2,310.40 which would be taken from reserves.

It was suggested (and resolved) that the Community Council should purchase an Oak tree to be planted at the Jubilee Park to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee and that a plaque would also be purchased to mark the occasion.

It was resolved by members that the precept be increased to £32 per household to bring in a precept of £29,889.60.