WITH Tenby in Bloom judging taking place this week, schools from the seaside town have also been taking part in the annual poster competition.

Results were as follows:

St Teilo’s RC School: Meithrin – Brady Finlay-Hicks 1st Logan 2nd Ellie-May Jones 3rd; Nursery – Eira 1st Ansa 2nd; Reception – Neve 1st Isabella Brooks 2nd; Year 1 – Victoria Nowak 1st Norbertina 2nd; Year2 – Frances Moran 1st Marnie Allen 2nd; Year 3 – Hazel Moran 1st Joshua Thomas 2nd; Year 4 – Jack Rigby 1st Ruby Thomas 2nd; Year 5 Tamara 1st Saoirse 2nd; Year 6 – Euan Moran 1st Isobel 2nd.

Tenby Primary School: Tiny Treasures – Sadie 1st Jude 2nd; Nursery – Elouise Deforges 1st Rex Duckett 2nd; Lifeboat LRC – Griff Georglou 1st Jamie-Leigh Howkins 2nd; Year 1 – Clara Morgan 1st Rio Loizou 2nd; Year 2 – Hugo Davies 1st Anabel Birt 2nd; Year 3 – Millie Richards 1st Amba 2nd Year 4 – Amelia Christoper 1st Alfie D’ortez-Hughes 2nd; Year 5 – Mollie James 1st Jessica Henson 2nd; Year 6 – Macy James 1st Eilidh Frazer 2nd.

Hafen y Mor: Nursery – Zariella Read 1st Amaya Rossiter 2nd; Reception – Ioan Ryder 1st Mali Brace 2nd; Year 1 – Penelope Davies 1st Layna 2nd; Year 2 – Ralph Ronowitz 1st Hudson Griffiths 2nd; Year 3 – Mia Campbell 1st Vincent Wickham 2nd; Year 4 – Albie smith 1st Vivienne King 2nd; Year 5 – Archie 1st Ruby 2nd; Year 6 – Hallie Griffiths 1st Elsie James 2nd;

St Florence VC School: Abi Mathias 1st Jessie Mathias 2nd; Year 1 – Nell Rees 1st Evie Rae Russell 2nd; Year 2 – Harper 1st Martha 2nd; Year 3 – Paul O’Driscoll 1st Ruby 2nd; Year 4 – Maverick Jones 1st Gethin Lewis 2nd; Year 5 – Rita Black 1st Nesta 2nd; Mila Wolverson 1st.

Templeton CP School: Reception – Elsie Gough 1st Alex Lewis-Squelch 2nd; Willow – Poppy Phillips 1st Daniel Jones 2nd; Year 1 – Cherry Sarrionandia 1st Matilda Goldsworthy 2nd; Year 2 – Sophia Bevan-Smith 1st Tilly Durbridge 2nd; Year 3 – Jessica Lambert 1st Dillon Kirk-Harris 2nd; Year 4 – Lucy Swales 1st Audrey Hancock 2nd; Year 5 – Eiry Davies 1st Oora Sarrionandia 2nd.

Sageston C P School: Year 1 – Elliott Davies 1st Eriella Hattingh 2nd; Year 2 – Marcie Cole 1st Lilly Gosiewski 2nd; Year 3 – Maddison 1st Misha Allport 2nd; Year 4 – Pixie Willington 1st Clara Buckle 2nd; Year 5 – Amelia Roach 1st Chelsea Lawrence 2nd; Year 6 – Sophia Perry 1st Betsy Shapcott 2nd.

Stepaside C P School: Year 2 – Roman James 1st Hope 2nd; Year 3 – Anita 1st Olivia Williams 2nd; Year 4 – Eva Blewitt 1st Amelia Burnett 2nd; Year 5 – Bella Scourfield 1st Rosey Pearce 2nd; Year 6 – Merryn Albero 1st Amber Wyatt 2nd.

St Oswalds V A School: Nursery – Stan Edmunds 1st Millie Hayward 2nd; Year 1 – Cai Collins 1st Sophia Wilson 2nd; Year 3 –Cerys Collins 1st Flo Wilson 2nd; Year 4 – Zara Jones 1st Isla Stone 2nd; Year 5 – Mari Anthony 1st Annabelle Tuck 2nd; Year 6 –Bella Cassies 1st Leo Goldsworthy 2nd.

Manorbier V C P School: Nursery – Indie 1st; Reception – Issy 1st; Logan 2nd Year 1 – Cleo 1st; Year 2 – Ashleigh 1st Naomi 2nd; Year 3 – Esther 1st Aria 2nd; Year 5 – Rowan 1st Michael 2nd; Year 6 – Max 1st Luca 2nd.

Home Schooled: Year 5 – Caia Archer-Jones.

“Well done to all the pupils who took part. We apologise for any misspelling of names,” said Tenby In Bloom chair Sue Lane.