Blast From The Past - Tenby Firefighters

Wednesday 3rd August 2022 9:50 am
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Tenby fire crew
(Pic supplied )

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In Carnival Week, organised by Tenby Firefighters it seems apt to remember and acknowledge the town’s fire crew, with this photograph taken circa 1989 to 1992.

“Downing the tools of their day jobs, not knowing what disaster they had to face, they would run to answer the call of the bleeper,” said Ruth Webb, who supplied the pic.

“House fires, hayrick fires, acres of blazing gorse, unspeakable road traffic accidents, Oil refinery explosions, petrol spillages, people trapped in lifts and baby seagulls that had fallen from their nests – the variety was endless.

“Most were run of the mill, some were entertaining, some were horrendous.

“The face of the Fire Brigade has altered immensely. There have been changes in the uniform, the kits, the equipment and of course the wonderful inclusion of women in the service.”

Pictured (back row, from left to right): David Richards, Malcolm Waring, Glynne Morgan, Peter Thomas, Philip Lees-Griffiths, Richard James, Michael Jones, Jeremy Lees (present Station Officer) John Conbeer, Robert Lewis.

(Front row): Dennis Young, Gwyn John, Richard Lewis (Leading Fireman), Jimmy Thomas (Sub Officer), Dai Olyott (Divisional Officer), Clive Webb (Station Officer), Martin Hurlow (Leading Fireman), Mark Tucker, Kevin Lewis.

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