Local artist Liz Tobin has begun laying out the outline of a mural in Tenby.

The mural is being painted on the back wall of the area under the North Walk Zig Zag that used to be an amusement arcade.

Young people from Greenhill School are going to complete the mural, and then artwork sent in on a coastal theme will be made into boards and fixed to the wall above.

Everyone is welcome to send in a piece of artwork. This can be digital or on paper or board, and it can be from young or old. Send your contribution in to [email protected] or drop it in to the Tenby Town Council Office in the De Valence Pavilion on Upper Frog Street.

The Urban Thinkscape project is intended to create interactive activities for children and their carers to do, and as it is so near to the beach, activities on a coastal theme seem appropriate.

Ideas so far include: having images on a picnic table that people could go and look for nearby; a small boat for young children to sit in with images to inspire storytelling, and an identification board on the wall that helps people to decide what they have found on the beach or on the way down the zig zag. Any other suggestions would be most welcome.